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1 day Tour

Explore Hiroshima, a land synonymous with peace, hope, and enduring charm.

1 day | ¥58,000 **


Hiroshima, the principal city of the Chugoku Region, gained worldwide recognition on August 6, 1945, when the first atomic bomb was unleashed, resulting in extensive devastation within a two-kilometer radius.

In the aftermath of the war, Hiroshima embarked on a monumental reconstruction effort, defying earlier forecasts of uninhabitability. Notable heritage sites, including Hiroshima Castle and Shukkeien Garden, were meticulously restored. At the heart of the city, Peace Memorial Park emerged, symbolizing its resurgence.

A mere hour's journey away lies the quaint island of Miyajima, celebrated for its iconic floating torii gate, acclaimed as one of Japan's premier scenic vistas. Here, an intriguing fusion of traditional Japanese allure and Western influences graces the cityscape.


■ By  National Licensed Japanese Guide and/or Native English Speaking Driver 

■ Min :  2 pax   Max  :  9 pax
■ Tour can be one or two days depending on needs and interests
■ Choose your favorite 5 spots from recommended spots
■ Special requests are subject to availability and discussion beforehand and additional fees

 Customization of plans is subject to additional fees range from 10,000 to 20,000 yen **
■ Timing adjustments will be made to align with your selected plan and routes.
■ Places may change subject to extreme weather, traffic and punctuality not adhere

■ No additional venues can be incorporated into the schedule without prior mutual consent and discussion between the

   guide and the guest.


spot 1

Itsukushima Shrine

Miyajima, a petite islet located within an hour's reach from Hiroshima, is renowned for its colossal tori gate. This gate, during high tide, creates the illusion of levitating above the water's surface, securing its status as one of Japan's premier scenic marvels. Often referred to as "shrine island" in Japanese, Miyajima's nomenclature is intricately linked to its profound association with Itsukushima Shrine, .

spot 2

Peace Memorial Park

Hiroshima's Peace Memorial Park now stands where the city's political and commercial hub thrived before the destructive bomb. This targeted choice by the pilot was due to its historical importance. Astonishingly, four years post-bombing, a pivotal decision emerged: the area would solely host peace-oriented memorial facilities, forsaking redevelopment.

spot 3

A-Bomb Dome

The A-Bomb Dome, also known as the Hiroshima Peace Memorial, defied the atomic bomb's destruction, remaining one of the few structures to endure. Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it symbolizes Hiroshima's unique history, a testament to the city's resilience and a beacon of peace.

spot 4


Hiroshima's downtown features Hondori Street, a lively pedestrian arcade lined with shops and restaurants, beginning near the Peace Park and extending half a kilometer eastward. Parallel to Hondori is Aioidori, a car and tram route, where a few large department stores provide more shopping options.

spot 5


When exploring Hiroshima's downtown district, tourists can seize the chance to savor a regional delicacy known as Hiroshima Style Okonomiyaki. Numerous dining establishments lining both Hondori and Aioi streets present this local specialty, yet the most reliable locale to indulge in it resides within Okonomimura.


Email and contact us for your requests. We hope to help you in planning your trip.



price guideline

■ Additional 15,000 yen (to the base costs) in peak season, public holidays (PH), PH eve, post PH and weekends **

 Customisation of plans is subject to additional fees range from 10,000 to 20,000 yen **

■ These are the guide fees and transport cost per day.

■ Public Transport tour refers to walking tours by taking trains and buses to sightseeing spots **

■ Tour participants public transport fees are not included in this cost table **

■ Private Transport tour refers to car tours to sightseeing spots with minimal walking per day **

■ The car usage cost is included in this Private Transport Tour per day

■ If guests need the car for more than 1 day, the car rental fees will multiply by the days needed accordingly **

■ Please note that Japan cars are compact and different from other countries vehicles.

■ Type of vehicles are subject to availability (brand, model and size cannot choose) and additional fees may apply.

■ All passengers will sit in the middle and rear seats, no passenger sit beside driver seat for safety reasons.

■ For 9 seater vehicle or specific brand car, please specify to us and additional fees may apply

■ This price table is subject to 5% PAYPAL fees **

booking/payment Information

■ The above price list is a guideline (For Public and Private Transport)

■ By National Licensed Native Japanese Guide and/or Native Japanese English Speaking Driver 

■ Can use either public transport or private transport
■ Public transport guide use trains, buses and cabs (Hiroshima)
■ Private transport guide use car to sightseeing spots but car rental fees excluded

■ Travelers to self-purchase JR Pass or Shinkansen ticket in advance

■ Tour participants to self-purchase comprehensive travel insurance against COVID and injuries

■ Tour participants to declare personal medical conditions before the tour starts

■ Tour participants to exercise self-initiative and responsibility on site safety together with guide

■ All bookings are based on first-come-first serve basis with full payment received

■ All meal costs, hotel costs and admission fees are excluded in this package. 

■ Price includes all taxes and fees (Toll and fuel/Highway fees) 
■ Self-booking of hotel accommodations in Hiroshima
■ Admission tickets can buy on actual day or Day 1 or self pre-booking by guests online

■ All special needs or requests are subject to discussion beforehand

■ Full payment reservation needed for all advance tour dates booking for all seasons

■ All sales are final with no cancellation and refund for all bookings 

■ Cancellation will only allow due to natural disaster and extreme weather condition (snow and earthquake)

■ HM Tour management reserves the right to cancel the tour with no refund due to unreasonable demand from client

 HM Tour management will not be liable or responsible against all medical expenses incurred due to injuries, chronic illness or non-disclosure of medical conditions happen during the tour

■ HM Tour is not authorised agent for attractions booking hence guests have to do self booking of popular attractions

Click here for more detailed information : READ MORE

tour Information

■ Duration : 8 hrs

■ Guide hours : Either 0900 or 1000 start

■ Wait at Hiroshima hotel lobby or Hiroshima station by 0850 or 0950

■ Hotel pick-up is limited to hotels in Hiroshima city

■ For pickup at other places, must inform and check with us first.

 Have your breakfast first before tour start

■ This tour is conducted by National Licensed Japanese Guide and/or Licensed Native English Speaking Driver 

■ All special needs or requests are subject to discussion beforehand

■ Places to visit may change subject to extreme weather and traffic condition

■ Advance bookings are needed for all seasons

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