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<COVID 19 Safety Measures​>



Time saving and tired of carrying your heavy luggages

3 hrs | ¥28,000 **

We are fully prepared for COVID-19.

COVID19 is rampant all over the world, but since October 2020, immigration restrictions for business-related foreign visitors to Japan have been gradually relaxed.

However, there may be restrictions on the means of transportation due to restrictions on transportation routes from the airport to accommodation facilities such as hotels.

Therefore, we at HM TOUR provide a safer and more comfortable private pickup service with the following measures.


■ As it is a private pickup, we do not share the vehicle with other customers. Safety distance of passengers may apply depending on the total capacity. 

■ Private transport is able to move safely and in faster pace as compared to uncertain and regulated public transport.

■ Our private transportation system is always cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis.

■ Temperature check before start for both driver and passenger/s. Those have fever at 37.5° are disallowed into the car.

■ Private transportation is always equipped with disinfectants and sanitizers.

■ Bring your own mask or we provide 1 free mask per pax.

■ The driver will wear gloves when carrying your luggage.

■ Allow to purchase COVID-19 protective goods along the way at the drugstore if required.


■ Meet and greet by our friendly English driver in the airports

■ Free from hassle of queuing for public transport or other transport after a long flight

■ Save time and moving heavy luggages

■ Subject to availability in peak season

■ Exclusive pick-up, not shared vehicle

■ Our driver will meet you at a designated meeting point at each terminal

■ Confirmation and notification email will send to you after booking

■ We will look forward to seeing you all in Tokyo by our friendly team


■ (A) Type of vehicles used :

■ 1 to 4 Pax = MPV Wagon
Maximum Baggage : 4 nos. 22 inches baggage
No heavy equipment in car

(eg : bicycle or surf board etc)
Please indicate wheelchair or pram if any to inform us based on the total pax limit

■ 5 to 9 Pax = MiniVan (7 to 9 seaters)
Maximum Baggage : 7 nos. 22 to 24 inches baggage + 2 small hand-carry bags
No heavy equipment in car

(eg : bicycle or surf board etc)
Please indicate wheelchair or pram if any to inform us based on the total pax limit

■ (B) Child seats are required (0-5) upon request with additional cost excluded @3,000 yen each

■ (C) For Port pick-up, please consult us

■ (D) For large vehicle request with many pieces luggage,  additional cost apply



spot 1

Narita International Airport

From airport to central Tokyo : 90 to 120min

spot 2

haneda International Airport

From airport to central Tokyo : 20 to 40 min


Feel free to contact us on your requests. We hope to help you in planning your trip.



price list

■ Additional costs of 5,000 yen per pax for pick-up start from Narita Airport or outside central Tokyo suburb area hotels like Yokohama, Saitama, Narita Airport, Haneda Airport

■ Prices may fluctuate in times of peak season, public holidays (PH), eve of PH and post-PH, weekends

(additional 15,000 yen per group on top of the base cost) **

■ Type of vehicles are subject to availability


■ The above price list is a guideline

■ This is per one way transport pick-up

■ Please indicate clearly either Arrival or Departure pick-up option on your request

■ If you require both ways pick-up, you have to purchase 2 options separately
■ All bookings are based on first-come-first serve basis with full payment received
■ Tour participants to self-purchase comprehensive travel insurance against COVID and injuries

■ Tour participants to declare personal medical conditions before the pick-up starts

■ Tour participants to exercise self-initiative and responsibility on site safety together with guide

■ Price includes all taxes and fees (Toll and fuel fees) 

■ All special needs or requests are subject to discussion beforehand 

■ Full payment reservation needed for all advance tour dates booking for all seasons

■ All sales are final with no cancellation and refund for advance booking because we have to block the dates once payment received for peak and non-peak season

■ Cancellation will only allow due to natural disaster and extreme weather condition (snow and earthquake)

■ HM Tour management reserves the right to cancel the tour with no refund due to unreasonable demand from client

■ HM Tour management will not be liable or responsible against all medical expenses incurred due to chronic illness or non-disclosure of medical conditions or negligent accident caused during the tour

Click here for more detailed information : READ MORE

tour Information

■ Duration : 3 hrs (include waiting time for the flight)

■ By our Basic English Speaking Native Local Driver 

■ Pick-up hours :  Depend on your flight time

■ All special needs or requests are subject to discussion beforehand

■ This is not a shared vehicle pick-up, only exclusive to your group

■ Vehicle is commonly accessible to foldable wheelchair

■ Child seats are required (0-5) upon request with additional cost

■ Arrival Flight :

Please indicate flight time and details, hotel name and location

Designated meeting point pick-up are allocated and will inform you by email

■ Departure Flight :

Please indicate flight time and details and time to pick-up

We follow the international guideline to reach airport 2 hrs before the flight time

Early pick-up  can request but inform beforehand and subject to driver availability

■ Please provide 1 contactable Tokyo mobile number to facilitate communication

■ Please turn on your wifi when you reach the airport after landing so that we can contact each other

■ After booking, we will require you to install LINE chat app or Whats App to communicate with us in real time

■ The chat app will use to facilitate information transmission if traffic jam or unforseen situation

■ Please provide email and Instructions will be given for the specific meeting point at each airport

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