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Private Tokyo

CITY 3day Tour

Discover the hidden Tokyo gems with our friendly guide

Per day | ¥96,000/¥105,000 seasonal rates


On this custom tour, you’ll explore the country most famous capital, Tokyo city.

Enjoy the posh Tokyo lifestyle of today and see how its thriving industries and government make it all possible from Edo period.


This capital city offered the best in markets, military, entertainment, and art to the revolution state now.



■ Skytree (Observatory costs exclude)

■ Asakusa/Nakamise/Sensoji Shrine

■ Ueno (Ameyoko) 

■ The Sumida Hokusai Museum (Optional) (Self) * OR

■ Samurai Museum/Tokyo National Museum (Optional) (Self) * OR

■ Tokyo Dome (Optional) *


■ Harajyuku/Meiji Shrine/Takeshita St

■ Shibuya crossing/109/Mega Donki

■ Shinjuku/Metropolitan Building

■ Tokyo Tower 

■ Odaiba​/Rainbow Bridge/Liberty statute


■ Tsukiji Market

■ Ginza Executive Town OR Shimokitazawa *

■ Imperial Palace Exterior East Garden

■ Akihabara Electronic Paradise

■ Roppong Hills, Tokyo Midtown *


■ Shibuya Sky (Open reservations 1 mth advance to your travel date at 2400 Jpn time)

■ Tokyo Skytree (Open reservations 1 mth advance to your travel date at 2400 Jpn time)

■ Pokemon Cafe (Open reservations 1 mth advance to your travel date at 1800 Jpn time)

■ Kirby Cafe (Open resrvation every mth 10th for the next month)

■ Teamlab Planet (Open 3 mths advance )

■ Sumo/Ninja/Kimono Experience (Open reservations as per site)


■ This 3 days itinerary must be purchased together as a bundle.

■ This 3 days plan is different from the 1 day plan based on some places visit and the time range.

■ Standard Plans above are designated within the stipulated driving routes

■ Standard Plans does not include attractions experiences to insert into the plan

■ Non-standard plans are considered customisation plans with experiences/attractions at an additional fees of 20,000 yen 

■ Minimum : 2 pax, Maximum : 9 pax

■ Venues may change subject to weather, traffic, punctuality, crowd and seasonal change

■ Reservations for attractions to be done by guests online

■ These plans are for normal season period.

■ When it is super peak season, some spots may cut short, swap or cancel or change eg: Xmas, New Year, Public Holidays


spot 1

Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower is an iconic Japan symbol of the Effiel Tower standing 333 meters high in the center of Tokyo, the world's tallest, self-supported steel tower and 13 meters taller than the Eiffel Tower.

Great day and night cityscape can be seen from the observatory.

We will show you the best angle photographic shots of this beautiful Tower

Admiision fees apply 

spot 2

UEno (ameyoko)

The bustling Ameyoko shopping street consists of two sections, an open-air market and the Ameyoko plaza. The shopping street is an ideal place to buy souvenirs, vendor hardwares, and to sample some of Tokyo’s cheapest, rustic eats at the seafood restaurants or various shops offering foods from a diverse range of cultures.

Free admission

spot 3


The Tokyo first western-style shopping district and the site of a former silver

coin mint.

Visitors can enjoy the best of Japanese culture, fashion and style on its charming day and night street view.

Free admission

spot 4


A popular man-made island in Tokyo Bay, Odaiba which  consists of several attractions linked by a monorail and bridge.

An amazing Tokyo waterfront city night view from the Rainbow Bridge.

Free admission

spot 5


An animation and electronic paradise for all manga lovers and electronic shoppers.

The bright neon lights and night illumination of Cool Japan in Tokyo subculture town.

Free admission

spot 6


Asakusa is the cultural town with its traditional temple, shrine and shopping streets.

Across the Asakusa, we can enjoy the beautiful amazing night city view of Skytree with night breeze blushing through your face.

Free admission

spot 7


Shibuya is a center for youth fashion and culture with crowd of shoppers. 

Join in the fun and walk through the popular chaotic scramble crossing

night view.

Free admission

spot 8

Shinjuku Kabukicho

Shinjuku is the biggest red-light district in Tokyo and famous for its glaring neon lights especially around Kabukicho area.

A night town with  barrage of billboards advertising businesses catering to 

an array of late-night activities.

Free admission

spot 9


Harajuku is the area near to and around Tokyo Harajuku Station between Shinjuku and Shibuya.

It is the center of teenage culture and fashion and cheap yummy delicacies.It consists of Takeshita Dori and Omotesando.

Free admission

spot 10

tokyo dome city

Tokyo Dome City offers a discounted night pass after 1700 and the most attractions operate until 2100.

You will enjoy the fun in this entertainment center with great night views

Minimum 3 hrs needed .

Free admission (Attraction fees are separate)


Feel free to contact us on your requests. We hope to help you in planning your trip.



price guideline 3 DAyS

■ Additional 15,000 yen (to the base costs) in peak season, public holidays (PH), PH eve, post PH and weekends **

■ Non-standard plans are customisation plans with experiences/attractions at an additional fees from 10,000 to 20,000 yen 

■ This base cost is based on standard 6 hrs sightseeing + 1 hr lunch break + 1 hr dinner break (8 Hrs)

■ Extension hours to 10 hrs is additional fees of 15,000 yen

■ For Yokohama Port pickup, an additional fees of 5000 yen per pax as Yokohama is not within 23 wards Tokyo **

■ Reservations for all attractions to be done by guests (TeamLab, Shibuya Sky, Skytree etc)

■ For reservation assistance, additional fees of 20% is chargeable on top of the base reservation fees.

■ Please note that Japan cars are compact and different from other countries vehicles.

■ Type of vehicles are subject to availability (brand, model and size cannot choose) and additional fees may apply.

■ All passengers will sit in the middle and rear seats, no passenger sit beside driver seat for safety reasons.

■ For 9 seater vehicle or specific brand car, please specify to us and additional fees may apply

■ This price table is subject to 8% fees (Tax and PAYPAL) **


■ The above price list is a guideline (For Private Transport)
■ By Native Japanese English Speaking Driver

■ Our driver will chauffeur you from one spot to another spot and back to hotel with brief instructions at site.
■ Public transport guide use trains, cabs and buses if the weather disallow driving

■ Price exclude guide public transport and shinkansen costs between Tokyo and other prefectures

■ Travelers to self-purchase JR Pass or Shinkansen ticket in advance if necessary

■ Tour participants to self-purchase comprehensive travel insurance against COVID and injuries

■ Tour participants to declare personal medical conditions before the tour starts

■ Tour participants to exercise self-initiative and responsibility on site safety together with guide

■ All bookings are based on first-come-first serve basis with full payment received

■ All meal costs, hotel costs and admission fees are excluded in this package. 
■ Admission tickets have to purchase and paid by guests online or actual day upon our instructions subject to availability

■ Price includes all taxes and fees (Toll and fuel/highway fees), driver and car usage

■ All special needs or requests are subject to discussion beforehand

■ Full payment reservation needed for all advance tour dates booking for all seasons

■ All sales are final with no cancellation and refund for all bookings in all seasons

■ Cancellation will only allow due to natural disaster and extreme weather condition (snow and earthquake)

■ HM Tour management reserves the right to cancel the tour with no refund 

■ HM Tour management will not be liable or responsible against all medical expenses incurred due to injuries, chronic illness

   or non-disclosure of medical conditions happen during the tour

■ HM Tour is not authorized reseller for attractions booking hence guests have to do self booking of popular attractions

Click here for more detailed information : READ MORE

tour Information

■ Duration : Standard 8 hrs 

■ Extension hours to 10 hrs is with addtional fees 15,000 yen

■ Guide start hours : Either 1000 to 1800 or 1100 to 1900 (To be advised)

■ Wait at hotel lobby main entrance 10 mins before (We will inform you after payment made)

■ After booking fees made, please proceed to install LINE chat to communicate with us in real time

■ Have breakfast first before tour start 

■ This is an exclusive private transport tour to your group ONLY

■ By our Native Japanese English Speaking driver

■ 2-way transport if end destination is hotel or dinner restaurant

■ Vehicle is commonly accessible to foldable lightweight wheelchair (within vehicle capacity)

■ Child seats are required (0-4) upon request with additional cost 3000 yen

■ All special needs or requests are subject to discussion beforehand

■ No additional requests on actual day and subject to HM Tour agreement

■ Places to visit may change subject to weather, traffic condition and seasons and punctuality at each spot

■ In the event that you stay longer in one spot, the other spots will cut shorter time , swap or cancel

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